What Did You Do At School Today?

It is difficult for young children to recall and describe what they did during the school day. Children are active and busy for the entire time, but they sometimes lack the words to tell others about their activities – or by the time you pick them up, they have moved on to other things.

Parents, of course, want to know about their child’s day. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when asking your child about his or her activities.

  • Keep informed of the class’s planned events so you can ask specific questions. For example, “Did you get to go on the nature walk today, or was it too rainy?”
  • With most children, avoid general questions like “What happened at school today?”
  • Avoid questions that produce one-word answers.
  • Ask specific questions such as
    • “Whose ‘sharing time’ was is today? Tell me about what she/he shared.”
    • “What was at the art center today?”
    • “Tell me about this drawing in your backpack.”

Sometimes telling the child a little something about your own day starts the ball rolling. The child may get the idea of sharing news and feelings about his or her day.

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