Morning Drop Off

Please park and walk your child in. You may park in the church parking lot or along the road. We ask that you do not park and leave your car in the carpool lane to walk your child in.

Afternoon Pick Up

Walking In

If you will be coming in to the building to pick up your child, we request that you park in the church parking lot in order to ease the traffic flow of the carpool line on Tyler. You will come to the south side door between the courtyard and the playground. The 3s and 4s will be in the center hallway with their backpacks ready to go. Parents of toddlers and 2s will still pick up their children in their classrooms. If you have 2 or more children at the ELC, please pick up the youngest child first and then the older one.

The teachers will be available for a brief report of your child’s day, but please remember that any time the children are present, the teacher’s primary responsibility is to supervise the children. Please confirm with your child’s teacher or nearby ELC staff member that you are taking your child. If you would like to have a more extended conversation with a teacher, please schedule a conference with her before of after school.

Carpool for 3s and 4s only

If you will be picking up your 3 or 4 year old child in the carpool line, you will approach the school from Belt Line (Main St.) and Tyler Street and enter the circle drive from the west end and drive east with your passenger door facing the school. Please stay in your car and we will walk your child out and help your child into the car. Exit the carpool lane making a right turn and proceeding out Tyler to Belt Line Rd.