The ELC is a licensed facility. The school receives regular inspections from licensing, the Richardson fire department, and the Richardson health department. Reports from these inspections are available in the office. All ELC staff are CPR certified.

The ELC practices monthly fire drills and quarterly tornado drills. Furthermore, the staff is familiar with our emergency preparedness plan. The plan includes code words, as well as a lock down of the building and building evacuation. Please review your parent handbook for further emergency procedures. A full version of the ELC Emergency Preparedness Plan is available for review in the ELC office.

Please help us ensure your child’s safety by helping with the following:

  1. Please send a recent photograph of your child to put in his/her file in case of emergency.
  2. ELC children will ONLY be released to their parents or someone listed on the admissions information form. If someone unknown to us is picking the child up, please let us know in writing by completing the form located outside your child’s classroom. We will checkthe driver’s license before a child is released to someone other than the parent. (If we have not met Dad, his license will be checked too.)
  3. Around 9:30am all ELC doors will be locked. They will remain locked until 11:55. On Literacy Lunch days, they will again be locked at 12:10 and unlocked at 1:55. Parents will need to ring the doorbell if they should arrive late to school, or if they need to pick up their child early. Teachers are not allowed to leave their room to answer the door.
  4. Please help us to keep the gates to the courtyard closed at all times.
  5. Keep the ELC phone number (972)235-8233 with you at all times during school hours. Program our number into both parent’s cell phones. Please keep us informed if your phone number/address change.
  6. Please walk your child to his/her classroom daily. It is not safe to drop children off at the outside doors, and occasionally there is information we need to tell you.